View Full Version : LED64 OK for Blue/White LEDs?

02-17-2007, 10:17 AM
Perhaps this is a silly question, but I just wanted to confirm that I could use the full spectrum of LEDs available on the market with the LED64 controller. I'm very interested in purchasing one, but I hope to build some artwork using a full rainbow of LED colors, and I wanted to be absolutely sure that I could use it with blue, UV, white, true green and other higher-voltage LEDs and be able to control their brightness alongside red and yellow LEDs without any problems.

Also, I noticed that the two options available for purchase are the LED64 unit without a power supply, and a kit that comes with the controller, a power supply and 64 LEDs I don't need. Is it possible to just order the controller and a power supply? And, if so, would your power supply be enough to power blue and UV LEDs?

Thanks for supplying such terrific products! :o

02-19-2007, 10:09 AM
Hi Clavis,

Thanks for the compliment;)

The LED64 provides a max of 30mA to each LED when the brightness level is set at 100%. If your LED can't handle this much, set the brightness lower, and cap it in code.

In regards to voltage, the LED64 provides 3.3V, so if you LED uses a higher-voltage than this, the LED64 will still function, just slightly less efficient than a 3.3V LED.

So, essentially, if you would like to keep the maximum brightness levels consistent visually, then you would have to cap some max levels in code, which really shouldn't be that hard at all.

Keep us updated with your project! We'd love to blog about it:)