View Full Version : Project X Hexapod kit for sale assembled

04-06-2017, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone, selling my Phantom X hexapod. Everything in the picture is included, including 2 batteries and the charger.

I'm asking for $500 shipped, or if your are in the New Orleans area you are welcome to pick it up.

Please fee free to contact me if any questions.

https://94ffqw-ch3301.files.1drv.com/y4mXxVJlFhdYAoAfqlfogs9eefRi0J2sAdJ3mm1pdKx856xbJX m1-jzIMPcAAHQjFLo2C6KZ3KAj2sIq5Og1OFzsgZChoozhEJObWgw pil1wCfqNZGG5gCxoX0W0f52baHxVGHqOAlissI8DYFdw4BXbR avdb-UFuy6uDDqaZqjG85CU2i48AjuWYRh0dWU4Yceq0rICkoYjxVfb bY7PF2Z-w?width=660&height=371&cropmode=none