View Full Version : Victor 884 Speed Controller

05-03-2007, 12:19 AM
Can someone help me with some tips using Victor 884 (wich I already have), I'm new with using motor controllers but I know that to use a DC motor controller I also need a PWM generator, for that I can use a Servo Controller. I'm planing to program this with .Net and C#, so any tips for a PWM generator and how to be conected will be great, thanks :D

05-03-2007, 11:16 AM
If you need to generate a PWM control signal and you want to use .NET, then one of the Phidgets servo controllers would be the most straightforward option. You'll need a male-to-female servo cable to connect the servo controller to the Victor. The only other advice I have for you is this: read the Victor manual and make sure you've got everything wired up correctly. Victor will not tolerate reversed battery polarity or a reversed servo connector. Both can result in smoke.

Edit: If you use the Phidgets servo controller, you'll need a servo signal booster cable to connect to the Victor. We include this booster cable with the Victor controllers, but if you didn't get it from us, you may not have one.