Raspberry Pi Robot with Xtion Pro Live (Prime Sense) called Charlotte

Raspberry Pi Robot with Xtion Pro Live (Prime Sense) called Charlotte
Raspberry Pi Robot with Xtion Pro Live (Prime Sense) called Charlotte (2 min 10 sec)
05-21-2013 at 02:36 AM
Uploaded by KevinO

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Here is a quick test of the collision detection using a Xtion Pro Live (Prime Sense) with a Raspberry Pi as the brain. (You will notice a slight click in the middle of me turning on the collision interrupt call. I forgot I turned it off in the beginning since it was so close to the camera.) I realized after it wasn't responding to the cone in front of it. I have also integrated the three vision options into a "heads up display" using OpenNI and OpenCV. Speech is handled via a espeak library my friend Kurt created. The gait algorithm is a complete rewrite in order to give as much stability to the camera. (Plus I just wanted to see if I could do it...) The USB hub is a de-cased powered 4 port which gets it power from a BEC that takes the 3-cell lipo (11 volt) and drops it down to 5.1 volts which in turn powers the Raspberry Pi, Xtion and the amplified speaker. All code is done in c++. Special thanks to Kurt Eckhardt for creating libraries for XBee communication and the espeak library. Communication to the servos is done with a USB2AX micro controller created by Nicolas Saugnier.
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  1. ezex -
    Hi Kevin,
    all looks great! thanks for sharing,
    I have a project very similar at this, I will be using also the primse sense (got the short range one), raspberryPi,
    I would like to see if if we can use some ROS libraries, and see if we can play with more autonomous stuff.
    How do you connect the raspberry to the arbotix? FTDI? or Xbee?,
    I wonder how we can make a wireless charging station, that could be slow but safe maybe. I should create a different thread for that too.
    Are you using the stock firmware for the phantomX plus the new gait or the Phoenix modified?

    Great Job!!, keep posting.
  2. KevinO -
    Thread: http://forums.trossenrobotics.com/showthread.php?6040-PhantomX-controlled-by-a-Raspberry-Pi&p=57977#post57977
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