Using Robotic Arm as 3D Digitizer

Using Robotic Arm as 3D Digitizer
Using Robotic Arm as 3D Digitizer (0 min 58 sec)
08-24-2014 at 07:54 PM
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NOTE: Best viewed in 720p to see details of controller display (inset).

Demonstrates custom control software that adds 3D digitizer capabilities to the Interbotix WidowX robotic arm.

When servo torque is disabled, the robotic arm can be freely positioned. Angular measurements are read back from each of the arm's servos in real-time. The values are fed to a forward kinematics solver to determine the end position in 3D space. The XYZ coordinates can then be captured and exported for further analysis. As the points are captured, they are shown on the controller visualization display (magenta colored dots). This process effectively transforms the robotic arm into a rudimentary 3D digitizer.
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