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Horus Mk.I - My Biped Robot

My biped robot, it walks and uses IMU and force sensors on the joints to keep balance. It is still under development and I work on improving balance and speed. I also started design of the upper body.
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2 years
10-20 pounds
3 feet x 1 feet x 1 feet
5-15 minutes
handheld pad
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

Can run on Lipo battery. For development I always use an external 24V DC power supply

Locomotion: Biped

Walks forward and rearward and steer

Controller/CPU: Mini PC + dsPIC boards - I2c Communication

Each individual joint is controlled by a dsPIC board I designed. Sampling frequency is 2 kHz for single joints and 1 kHz for dual joints (ankles).
Global control is made by a mini PC connected to the 12 joints through I2C ports along with IMU. Sampling rate is 80 Hz


position sensors (Potentiometers and encoders)
Force sensors on joints


Home designed / Home made worm gear, bevel gear and linear actuators
Output torque over 10 N.m.