Project Information


Antwerp is a hobby project as well as a test-bed for a software framework I've authored for building robotic control programs. Its goal in life is to fetch a beer from the 'fridge and, to achieve Robby-ness.
Created by leesline | External Link
3 years
10-20 pounds
1.5 feet X 1 foot X 2.5 feet tall
2-5 hours
C# (on tablet), C++ on Arduinos, etc...
Voice, remote computer via wi-fi
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

12V 30 Ah, battery designed for "scooter" style wheelchairs

Locomotion: Tread Driven

Powered by 2 20, 65 RPM motors

Controller/CPU: MS Surface Pro controls 4 Arduinos and an Arbotix card

Surface tablet controls and orchestrates operation of the 4 Arduinos as well as the Arbotix card, all controlling various servos and motors as well as LIDAR & depth camera sensors. Tablet uses Intel i7-8650U 4 core CPU. Overall control is handled by a self-authored C# software framework.


Array of 6 ultrasonic range sensors.
RP LIDAR 360 degree sensor
Intel D435i Depth Camera mounted above the 'bot on a pan & tilt setup
Intel D415 wide-angle depth camera mounted on wrist of robotic arm
Digital compass


2 65 RPM, 20 amp motors for track power
Pan & tilt pwm servos for upper depth camera mount
Old Trossen WidowX robotic arm powered by 6 Dynamixel servos


A little over 3 years ago, decided to take up robotics as a hobby and started the "Antwerp" project. My original goal for the robot was to have it fetch a beer from the refrigerator. The project ended up including a software framework written in C# for creating robotic control programs capable of orchestrating and controlling all the sensors and other devices used by the robot.

Still a good distance from fetching a beer, but does recognize beer bottles and working on getting it to pick them up. Also working on a SLAM connector for the framework so Antwerp can find the 'fridge.

Have retired now, so devoting full time to bringing Antwerp as well as the framework to life.