Project Information

Mini stacker crane

A mini stacker crane communicating with an ABB IRB120 robot true serial communication to order different pallets to two loading/unloading positions. The crane is controlled by an Arduino Mega.
Created by Patrik Olsson | External Link
50+ pounds
6.5 x 3.2 x 5
Indefinite/Solar/Cold Fusion
Powersource: Other - N/A

Locomotion: Stationary

The crane has 3 axis, the track axis is runned by an stepper motor against an gear rack. The hoist and fork axis is moved with electric cylinders from SMC.

Controller/CPU: Arduino Mega


Stepper motor, SMC electric cylinder


The stacker crane was built for an fair in Sweden. The goal of the robot cell was to let visitors enter there initials on the robot flexpendant and also which candy box the wanted to get the initials printed on. Then the stacker crane got the pallet with the candy box to an position where the robot could get the box.

The robot printed the initials on the box en dropped it in an outlet where the visitors could get his costume printed box.

The robot would also refill all the pallets after some wait time or if an pallet got emptied. All ordering of pallets was handled true serial communication between the robot and the Arduino Mega in the stacker crane.

Images from the build:

Video from some test runs:

Video from the fair: