Project Information

Travidius V2.0

A modified Bioloid Humanoid Type B , Roboard RB-110 running an optimized version of windows XP SP 2, Using Modified type B IK walking gait, Cnc Aluminum machined brackets. Custom Delrin tubbed feet.
Created by Ron | Forum Thread Link
Not calculated
1-5 pounds
15'' x 8'' x5.5''
15-30 minutes
Hand held RC, Wifi
Powersource: NiCAD / NiMH


Locomotion: Biped

Controller/CPU: CM-510, Roboard RB-110


DMS, Gyro


AX-12A x 18






It took me a solid week to rebuild Travidius from V1.0 to V2.0 many new fastners were used for the aluminum brackets the fastners i used are stainless steel 440 x 3/8 , I want to repace them with allen screws in the future. In version 2.0 the following changes were made. Removed 2 leg servos. Replaced plastic Robotis frame brackets with CNC Aluminum brackets, a huge upgrade much stiffer. Added custom Delrin tubbed feet. Fixed an issue where the main enclosure was not closing properly. Eliminated the aluminum cover that I made protecting the roboard and Replaced it with a Crash bar. Remounted the roboard on a plastic mount I made from a CD jewel case (temporary , next design will have less material and be made out of carbon fiber) I still need to mount the CM-510 proper right now it is just being held on with a rubber band. Thinking of using Velcro. Once I get him walking again I will than make the decision of what to do next , I am either going to outfit him with weapons and use him in the mech games, or add more sensors and vision tracking .

Future upgrades :
CNC machined brackets (done)
allen screw fasteners
AX-18A servos in legs
fit-pc2 possibly 3