Project Information

A Robot Named Plooby (swerve 1500) 1

a robotic arm with 6 degres of freedom on an omnidirectional roving chassis. This is a competition project that will move in a space and manipulate objects and play games.
Created by ballerat14 | Forum Thread Link
180 hours and counting
20-50 pounds
11.5 inches long x 9 inches wide x 11.5 inches tall
1-2 hours
Arduino, python, Max/MSP
Wireless Master PC / Autonomous
Powersource: NiCAD / NiMH

2 12volt batteries

Locomotion: Wheel Driven

Omnidirectional drive chassis

Controller/CPU: Arbotix / Computer

We are running an arbotix as the main controller. Processing will be done using a WiBrain running windows and a Macintosh powerbook


3 IR, HD Webcam, Possibly a kinect


8 ax-12s and 4 dc motors


objective: Build a robotic arm that will move in a space and manipulate objects and play games.
challenges: 1. building the robot in auto desk inventor. 2. constraining the parts in auto desk inventor. 3. cutting out the robot parts that we didn't buy and printing some parts using a 3D printer. 4. When we cut out the parts we had to use several passes because our mill's work space was too small. It was hard to get teh parts to line up properly. Overall the project is easy to complete, but took a long time and a lot of work. Dont stress out on it cause this project does take time. Also u dont have to buy all the parts for this project u can make them like i did if you have the right tools to do so.