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ROSberryPiBot ROSberryPiBot

Raspberry Pi based Budget Bot for hobbyists that runs ROS. Can be run in headless mode or desktop mode with a HDMI monitor, USB keyboard and mouse for running through the ROS turtorials and examples.
Created by jronald | Forum Thread Link | External Link
5 days
1-5 pounds
2-5 hours
ROS (C++ and Python)
autonomous or teleoperated
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

Custom 2S 6.6Ah Li-polymer Battery Pack.

Locomotion: Wheel Driven

2 wheel differential drive with caster and quadrature encoders (Trossen Budget Bot Chassis).

Controller/CPU: RaspberryPi and Arduino Mega 2560

Arduino Mega 2560 with Pololu Motor Controler and Robogaia 2 axis shields.

I will also be providing a link to the ROSberryPiBot SD card image once I figure out where I want to host it.


Todo - Webcam, Ping sensor, IR


todo - add a upper plate and dynamixel based arm and gripper.