Project Information

Mantis - Hexapod Walking Machine Mantis MKII

All terrain two tonne turbo diesel walking hexapod robot, with on-board/remote operation.
Created by mdenton | Forum Thread Link | External Link
3 years
50+ pounds
5 metre x 5 metre
2-5 hours
On-board / remote custom joystick control
Powersource: Other - N/A

Perkins 2.2 Turbo Diesel Engine, delivering 42kw peak, driving a hydraulic pump capable of up to 200bar @ 150 lpm.

Locomotion: Hexapod

Controlled by an upgraded and extended version of my original p.Brain HexEngine software.

Controller/CPU: Vortex86DX Linux PC

Main HexEngine runs on Linux PC, with WinCE operator interface, and multiple dsPIC based sub-systems. See the control overview / architecture schematic in the project post for more details.


Contact, Pressure, Flow, Voltage, and many more..


18 x Hydraulic double acting cylinders, 50 and 40mm bore.


Four years of blood, sweat, frustration and I'm sure some tears.. but got there in the end

Still have lots I want to add/modify/change, but need to generate further funding / interest before I can take this any further.