Project Information

FrankenCommander MK I

This is a hacked together "Commander" style controller using an RC701 LCD 5.8ghz receiver screen, an arbotix, and some Joystick modules.
Created by Tyberius
3 hours
< 500 grams/ 1 pound
12" across, 7" wide, 2" deep
30-60 minutes
C/C++, Arduino Wiring
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

Locomotion: Other

Controller/CPU: Arbotix, Atmega644p


This project is actually pretty straight forward. I started off with an RC701 7" LCD 5.8ghz video receiver unit (soon to be stocked in the Trossen Robotics store). From there I built a simple frame consisting of a top and bottom plate attached together with 60mm worth of standoffs (I'll release these files for anyone who wants them, planned on doing so along with the open source stuff on my Envy project).

This functions much like an Arbotix Commander 2.0. Originally (and in previous attempts at hacking together my own controller) I had intended to just repurpose the Commander shield, but instead I chose to just use an Arbotix as I could plug in the 3D and 2D Joysticks directly into the analog I/O headers. The integrated Xbee is also a perk, and it has a lower profile than an Arduino/Commander shield combo.

I'll put a full parts list, but I also used some RobotGeek knobs and a slider, and wired in my own trigger buttons on the top. From there it was simply a matter of plugging in the various physical inputs and updating the Commander Library/Sketch for the additional analog inputs I added. It's powered via a pair of 11.1v 900mAh lipo packs wired in parallel, which handle powering the Arbotix as well as the video receiver.

Parts used:

Code and part files coming soon!