Project Information

HS Walker

Mech Warfare quadruped mech
Created by ArduTank
Not Yet Completed; currently over 1 year.
5-10 pounds
21.5" leg span
15-30 minutes
Wiring, Linux
WiFi video stream to PC, Xbee control link to Commander clone.
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

2200 mAH 3s 20-30C 11.1V LiPo for everything but the gun

7.4V NiMH for the gun

Locomotion: Quadropod

3DoF quad using NUKE generated Inverse Kinematics

Controller/CPU: ArbotiX and Raspberry Pi

ArbotiX for all servo control

Raspberry Pi for webcam (Xbox Live Vision) streaming


AX-12A Servo feedback, including voltage

Xbox Live Vision webcam


12 Dynamixel AX-12 A/+ Robot Actuators

Crosman M74DP modified airsoft gun.


Possible entrant into 2015 Mech Warfare event in Chicago. Work in progress, currently finishing structure strengthening and code polishing.