Project Information


Delta robot that draws 2 dimensional image using brush pen on paper. Potential science fair project for students. Original design of Sketchy by Richard Sewell.
Created by igranderojo | External Link
Less than 8 hours
< 500 grams/ 1 pound
1 foot X 1 foot X 2 feet
<5 Minutes
Powersource: Other - N/A

Locomotion: Stationary

Delta robot using inverse kinematics similar to delta 3D printers.

Controller/CPU: Arduino

Uno with Protoshield


Hello Forum,

My hobby in retirement is now 3D printing. I have a Printrbot Simple, a Mini Kossel and just finished assembly of 3DR Simple as designed by JohnSL. My plan is to build "Sketchy" as designed by jarkman (aka Richard Sewell). Then share this with schools and my granddaughters as a science fair project. Maybe too complex for young kids. Probably will target high school students.
The parts are described here:

Working on documentation of parts, sources and prices.
Looking at the above website lead me to the TRC forum.
I will start a new thread with this info.