Project Information

Frog Bot AX-12+, ArbotiX, 9DOF Razer IMU

This is in theory a balance bot, where the center servo controls a weighted arm to maintain the center of gravity of the robot over the outer two servo arms. My goals are to learn to create and tune a control loop with real hardware.
Created by sarendt
3 hours (currently)
1-5 pounds
6 inch x 4 inch x 3 inch
<5 Minutes
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

TBD - assume some type of LiPO though

Locomotion: Biped

initially I plan to balance on two outer legs. If this works "I hope" to move onto small 'hops' by throwing all three servo's in the upward direction and then return to a steady state balance.

Controller/CPU: Arbotix-M

I plan to use a ArbotiX-M to control all three servo's based on the IMU feed back.


9 Degree of Freedom Razor IMU


3x AX-12+


I came up with the idea of FrogBot a year or two ago (2013ish) as a way to learn how to control some Dynamical servo's in a control loop with an IMU. This being some of the basic's that need to be learned while building a biped robot. I didn't have the funds to buy a fully articulated humanoid robot so I figured this would serve in the mean time. Also it would be a great, fairly simple, platform to try out interesting control ideas, methods and sensors as well as possibly a machine learning approach.

I hope to post more images and code as I progress on this fun little robot project.