Project Information


Timmy started as a Bioloid GP, then he got upgraded with hip yaw servos, then he got a full new set of black metal Interbotix brackets, then he got a computer upgrade from the CM-530 to a RPi2 and Arbotix-M with ROS, then he got the neat plastic covers.
Created by jodell
6 months
1-5 pounds
17 inches tall
15-30 minutes
C, Python, ROS
Bluetooth PS3 controller to RPi2 w/ ROS
Powersource: LiPO / LiON

11.1v 3S 2200mAh LIPO

Locomotion: Biped

All servos are controllable with ROS. If only I knew how to use ROS better...

Controller/CPU: RPi2, arbotix

Raspberry Pi 2 connected to Arbotix-M


None yet. A Raspberry Pi camera will be installed next followed by an IMU.


AX-12's for arms and neck, AX-18's for hips and legs


Hello, My name is Timmy. I am an HR-OS1 clone.

At the moment, my Dynamixels are running off an Arbotix-M with the arbotix_ros firmware. It is enough for basic motion but I can't do things that require limited torque. Soon, I will have a direct serial bridge through the Arbotix-M so that I can use the ROS dynamixel_motors module, just like the big robots.

With my CM-530 brain, I used to know how to do neat stuff like karate and push-ups but with the new ROS brain, I'm still learning the basics like walking and standing back up when I fall over.

And before you ask, yes my head is made from beer can! Pretty cool, huh?