Project Information

Hydraulic Exoskeleton

This project has some protected details that wont be disclosed.
We will do our best to show how certain aspects of the project look and how to go about designing hydraulic systems. With this being a secret project, most details cant be disclosed, just putting this here for fun (NO RIGHTS TO IMAGE)
Created by jangofettjr
almost 1 year
50+ pounds
human sized or smaller scale
<5 Minutes
Powersource: Other - N/A

Not sure on the source or run time, testing has to be done

Locomotion: Other

Wearable (obviously)

Controller/CPU: *sensitive information*

again, with this being a sensitive project, not all details can be shared. The project will h opefully hit the market in a few years. Everyone cross your fingers




This project is being developed as a wearable hydraulic exoskeleton for use in the medical industry. We later look to fund R&D efforts for disaster relief, emergency responders and military use. As I have mentioned, with it being a market ready idea soon, a lot of information will be left out. However, we will definitely upload videos and pictures of our overall designs when we get to that point.

We hope to one day revolutionize the way people view robotics and fluid power. One day, we will be the new standard of human potential