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    Re: Does anyone have a used one for sale?

    It will be nice to start battling again! Will this be at the library site?
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    Re: Mech Warfare 2020

    Unfortunately, I cannot make it. May 22-24 is Graduation weekend and I'll be working. I'm really glad to hear the interest is still there. Truly is a shame about RoboGames and MakerFaire.
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    Re: 2018 Tucson Mech Brawl

    Did the Tucson gang host a Mech Brawl 2019? I was hoping to hear about it as I didn’t think I could make it this year. So did the team meet up?
  4. Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)

    Apologies for any misunderstanding but I have not had any commitments for any kind of events since I stated I could not host a competition on the weekend of the 28th. At this point, we will not be...
  5. Re: Maker Faire 2019 Mech Warfare (WMFNY in Queens on Sept 21 and 22)


    I agree that the "edit the top post" post method has it's good and bad. Hopefully, I didn't send out too much misinformation.

    Please send me a note ([email protected]) if you are...
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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    GhengisDhon, Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't want to jump in too soon as I was hoping to hear more about the situation. I believe you have it correct: "Featured" and "Mini" Maker Faires are...
  7. No Fall 2019 Mech Warfare

    Attention all Mech Warfare competitors (Update as of 18 JUL).

    So I've received some disappointing news that I cannot host a competition at West Point this Fall. :sad:
    We will still introduce...
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