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  1. Discussion Re: What would hou do if you could have 1ms loop on the whole robot?

    That's interesting, the VR side of things is what I'm working on. I think the simplest way of lowering the latency is to use something like an XMOS chip with heavily branched out communications -...
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    Sticky: Re: Testing the MX-64T and MX-106T

    Sounds like good advice. When you're talking about "interference", is that where the servo is trying to push into a position that the attached mechanics doesn't allow? Is there a reason the automatic...
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    Project Dynamixel control using nothing but an Uno

    Hi! This is just something I'm playing around with, but I thought you guys might be interested. Basically, I'm working on direct control of Dynamixel servos (I'm working with AX-12As, 18As, and...
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