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    Question(s) Re: Arbotix-M Dimensions

    1)The ArbotiX-M is 61x61mm (the DC heck does overhang the PCB by ~1.5mm, so in a tight enclosure you'd need 61x62.5, or at least a cutout for the jack, plus any clearance for what you plug into it)
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    Sticky: News/Announcement ArbotiX 1.6 Files / Libraries

    Today we're releasing a beta run of the ArbotiX hardware and Library files for Arduino 1.6 (finally!)

    We're hoping to make the...
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    Question(s) Re: daisy-chained RS-485 and TTL?

    All of the DYNAMIXEL Pro servos use the new DYNAMIXEL 2.0 communication protocol. They all use 4-pin RS-485 (for now).

    All of the DYNAMIXEL MX servos use the DYNAMIXEL 1.0 communication protocol....
  4. Re: Phantomx Reactor arm behaves differently in simulation and in practice

    I'm not familiar with Moveit, can you tell us a little more about your setup? Are you running ROS/pass through firmware on the ArboitX and controlling from the computer, or are you writing custom...
  5. Re: Phantom X Mark III - Phoenix Code not working, Restoring to NUKE robot moves randomly

    Can you run the build check again, and make sure the robots motions match the video?
  6. Question(s) Re: MX/AX servo arm - trouble connecting via ArbotiX

    Can you give us a little more information on the "Arbotix Gui" you're using? I'm guessing you're using some of the old ROS 'turtlebot arm' stuff, but I'm not sure. Any info on downloaded packages,...
  7. Re: fatal error: RFIDuino.h: No such file or directory

    It looks like you might not have your libraries installed in the correct place (usually the robotgeeksketches folder is in the Arduino folder, not the library folder)

    In the Arduino...
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    Question(s) Re: Problem getting the position feedback WidowX

    Can you make sure that all three jumpers(J1, J2, and the power jumper) are present on your board? (Especially J1)
    Can you try the code in the Arduino environment to rule out any issued with atmel...
  9. Question(s) Re: Not Able to Find AX-12A servo with Dynamixel Wizard

    How are you powering the servo?

    Do you have the switch on the USB2DYNAMIXEL set to 'TTL'?
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    HR-OS1 + Pi Zero (HR-OS-Zero?)

    So I manages to snag a couple of Raspberry Pi Zeros friday at micro center and started playing with them a little. Now while the Pi Zero is an awesome little computer for $5, it's not ideal for the...
  11. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale at Trossen Robotics

    We've decided to start our Black Friday Sale early this year - 20% off all of our InterbotiX and RobotGeek products, and 10% of the rest of the catalog. The sale will be live by today at noon Central...
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    Question(s) Re: Arduino Mega talking to Pincher

    Hi Kelly,
    Sorry for not responding to this sooner.

    You're code looks fine (I got it to work on a mega / pincher here)

    Before we delve too deep in, I just want to make sure that
    1)If you...
  13. Question(s) Re: arbotix-M help, arduino IDE error while running ArbotixBlink sketch

    We're still working on Arduino 1.6 support. I'd recommend downloading Arduino 1.0.6 as noted in the getting started guide

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    Re: Missing bits ,,,

    Hi Buckbot,

    I'm sorry about your missing parts! It looks like part of it is things we purposely left out of the latest kit and part of it is actually missing parts.

    We're currently updating the...
  15. News/Announcement Re: The Next Round of HR-OS1 Beta Kits is available!

    We had a minor delay, but almost all of the HR-OS1 kits are now shipped out. There's one left that had some extra pieces on the order that we're still waiting to ship, but that one should get shipped...
  16. News/Announcement Re: The Next Round of HR-OS1 Beta Kits is available!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sorry for the delay and lack of info on the latest HR-OS1s. We had more delays with the ArbotiX-Pros than we anticipated. This pushed out ship date (the end of August as was...
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    Question(s) Re: USB2Dynamixel interface problems! (MX64AR).

    Did you pick 250,000 as the baud rate? We typically recommend sticking with the standard 1000000 that the AX-12a come set to.

    We don't have matlab here, but have you come across these resources?
  18. Question(s) Re: Can not read response bytes from arbotix-m (C++) (PhantomX Pincher)

    I don't think this will solve your problem, but I would recommend that you remove jumper 2 (j2). This is the reset jumper that allows the FTDI cable to reset the ArbotiX-M for reprogramming....
  19. Re: New PhantomX hex communication(?) Issue / Extremely frustrated with the lack of coherent instructions

    This is related to the way that Gatekeeper on MacOSX reports apps - sometimes it will report an unsigned app as damaged instead of just unsigned.. At the bottom of the Virtual Commander page there is...
  20. Re: New PhantomX hex communication(?) Issue / Extremely frustrated with the lack of coherent instructions

    You are correct that the Geekduino getting started guide has you set the switch to 5v, which is the normal baseline. However the ArbotiX getting started guide instructs/shows you to set the switches...
  21. Re: New PhantomX hex communication(?) Issue / Extremely frustrated with the lack of coherent instructions

    Hi Birdman, sorry to hear you're having issues. I'm also sorry your kit didn't come with the barrel jack adaptor. Please e-mail me your order number and we'll get you one right away. We can also...
  22. Re: When will Arbotix-PRO be available for purchase?

    We're waiting on a batch of the ArbotiX Pros from manufacturing within the next 6 weeks - we should have them up on the site as soon as the batch comes in.
  23. News/Announcement The Next Round of HR-OS1 Beta Kits is available!

    We'll be announcing this officially on the store/blog and via newsletter on Monday, but we wanted to let the TRC members know a little early that we're taking pre-orders for the HR-OS1 kits again! ...
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    Question(s) Re: Request WidowX Arm Position?

    We currently don’t have currently have a command to get back data from each servo. This is something we would like to implement, but haven’t gotten to it.

    If you wanted to implement it, I...
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    Question(s) Re: Bad/ Damaged AX12X Servos

    Piper, can you e-mail me your order number? We can figure out some kind of replacement for you. [email protected]
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    Re: Feeding Coordinates to Pincher Arm.

    The IK engine assumes that the middle of the gripper is the end point.

    What are you setting your delta value at?

    Keep in mind that the delta value is not a direct velocity value, but a time...
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    Re: Serial communication - FTDI port and XBEE port

    How much data are you using to communicate with the mbed? If it's not a huge amount of data, you might be able to use software serial to communicate with it, leaving the hardware serial free to...
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    Re: Toasted ArbotiX-M

    I haven't seen any of the murata voltage regulators we use go out, but it sounds like a regulator problem if you are indeed able to connect to it when the jumper is on usb.

    Can you send me your...
  29. Re: PID Control for Dynamixel servos using Arbotix-M

    So as you found from the e-manual for the MX-28

    P/I/D are at register 28/27/26

    The simplest way to set the values would be...
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    Re: Feeding Coordinates to Pincher Arm.

    Are you able to export your program to some kind of executable? That way I can analyze the actual packets coming out of your program.

    Also, can you e-mail me your order number for the arm?...
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    Re: node_server example

    the node server code as it stands is based on some old code for the HR-OS5, and is a little wonky. I've got a working example that I'll try to push this week to a separate branch for those interested...
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    Question(s) Re: Problems with MX28T/MX64T

    When the servos fail, can you still query them for data, i.e. can you read its positional data?

    Does the servo move freely once it's failed?

    Does the arm only shutdown during the linear motion?...
  33. Re: links to HR-OS1 docs are broken.

    Sorry about that, all the links should be back up and running as of last night. Thanks for the note!
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    Question(s) Re: ax12a troubleshooting

    I'm assuming that you were able to initially ID all of the servos without any problems?

    The 12v 2.5A SMPS is not going to be enough to power all of the servos. For example, we ship 12v5A units...
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    Re: Camer is built but were to plug it in.

    We don't have anything yet, and I don't have a timeline yet.

    There are some people on this thread looking at applications like Motion to get streaming views...
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    Re: Streaming camera view?

    Edmay, can you e-mail me your order number?
    [email protected]
  37. Thread: Speakers?

    by kgranat

    Re: Speakers?

    @Tyberius will have to chime in about spekers on the ArbotiX board. I've been using the framework to send mp3 files to the Raspberry Pi's headphone and out to speakers for some demonstrations. For...
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    Re: Feeding Coordinates to Pincher Arm.

    No need to be sorry, this is how we all learn :)

    I'm also always looking for better ways to explain to people sending raw values vs sending ascii. Since the Arduino IDE's console doesn't support...
  39. Re: Build and Documentation feedback, how should we give it?

    You can either send me the feedback to [email protected], or post it on this thread

    Thank you in advance for...
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    Re: Feeding Coordinates to Pincher Arm.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but your code looks like you're sending strings instead of bytes. So you're actually sending the ASCII characters "0xff' instead of the value 0xff

    So if you take a look at...
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