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  1. Re: West Point 2019 Mech Warfare (Sept 28 & 29)

    I hope everyone can still make it to NY. Without World Maker Faire, we likely don't need to open the event to spectators at large. However, just locked in the plans with a seamstress and should have...
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    Re: Maker Media shut down

    GhengisDhon, Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't want to jump in too soon as I was hoping to hear more about the situation. I believe you have it correct: "Featured" and "Mini" Maker Faires are...
  3. Fall 2019 Mech Warfare (West Point in September!)

    Attention all Mech Warfare competitors (Update as of 8 JUL)

    With the help of R-Team Robotics, Mech Warfare will continue in New York in September. I will post updates here unless Don guides me...
  4. Re: 2018 Robogames Mech Target Plates/Transponder

    Sorry if this is a repeat question but I have not seen an answer elsewhere on the forums. Do we need Velcro or anything else to mount the panels to our mech? I have the space ready for the 3.5 inch...
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