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  1. Question(s) Power outage when at least 8 servos are in motion

    I just put together the PhantomX MIII Hexabot with AX-18A servos and the HexabotTest checked out. Then I loaded the Phantom code onto it and was controlling it ok but every so often it would reset.
  2. Question(s) Re: 1 hexabot leg not responding (Phoenix Code)

    I found the problem...

    In Hex_Cfg.h there is:
    #ifdef OPT_CHECK_SERVO_RESET // Try to find single servo that reset it's ID...
    #define cLFCoxaPin 19 //Front Left leg Hip Horizontal -...
  3. Question(s) 1 hexabot leg not responding (Phoenix Code)

    I have just put together a PhantomX AX Mark III hexapod and installed the Phoenix Code from

    When I run the Phoenix code it responds to the controller and...
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    Sticky: Re: Introduce yourself! Dave from California

    Hi, I'm Tom

    I'm a c++ graphics & simulation developer and my hobbies include quadcopter assembly and flying. Here's what happens when a CGI guy flies quadcopters:...
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