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    Re: Autocannon

    I imagine you've already thought of this, but mounting the unit in the vertical configuration as a pitching machine does and then driving the motors at slightly different speeds you can achieve the...
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    Re: Another AEG design thread

    Yeah, I was kind of thinking that it would be for those who insist on tinkering and making their own custom weapons, but for most people an off-the-shelf solution due to efforts like yours is...
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    Re: Another AEG design thread

    Many airsoft communities have people who are constantly upgrading their weapons. I would imagine that they would be looking to unload the "inferior" stock barrels after making the switch. Stock...
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    Re: DARwIn-OP DIY?

    I'm assuming you are referring to this thread and this post. What's going on with the MX-64 phantom problems you were having? Have multiple people been seeing problems with them then? Is the...
  5. Just For Fun Mechwarrior Living Legends: Project Phoenix Down

    Hi everyone, I have been cruising this forum for a couple of months now in hopes of eventually building a Mech Warfare bot. Having always had an interest in large stompy robots and general machines...
  6. Question(s) Firgelli L-12/L-16 Continuous Operating Loads

    Should I be able to expect at least an operating load equal to backdrive force? The backdrive force will be statically held when the actuator is off as far as I know. I don't know how the drive...
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    Sticky: Re: Mech Warfare Wikia

    I think a page with list of mechs in a format like

    [mechname] {[type] [designer] [completed/scrapped] [years competed] [MW wiki link] [TRC link] ...}

    would be useful.

    I use mech names to...
  8. Re: New Mech Warfare competitor, Pics and Stuff

    This is a pretty concise definition. It's pretty much what I gathered from lurking on here. Specifically, this little ballpark estimate:

    is really nice to know for early mechanical design...
  9. Sticky: Re: MW 2013+ Ruleset Additions and Changes Discussion

    To my eyes it seems like the limitations should be placed on teams rather than individual mechs. "Expensive", "heavy", "high performance", "complex" are usually positively associated, and...
  10. Question(s) Re: Servotor 32 from Arcbotics (ALOT OF QUESTIONS XD)

    Obligatory link to product page because potato:

    I don't have any firsthand experience with micro-controllers yet (though I just got an Arbotix; yay...
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    Sticky: Re: Participant Geographic Locations

    You should probably color code based on user status (ie with functioning mech or without). I'm doing only mechanical design, code, and research for the foreseeable future (only when I'm confident I...
  12. Re: Mech Warfare - State of the Union 2013

    Well, whatever small chance I had at actually competing in the next few years has been all but wiped away. Could probably have driven (from Utah) to San Francisco, but Chicago is well outside my AO....
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    Re: Let's talk 5.8ghz FPV camera setups

    So if I am reading the crystal ball right we should be able to stream the digital data to our control program similar to the current wi-fi webcam solution. Have you tested the latency on the...
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    Re: The D-Link DCS930L Camera and you

    Hi, I'm new and have been lurking the crap out of these forums the last 2-3 weeks. Posts like this make me smile. Concise, condensed, with references and a CAD model to boot. Thanks for the solid...
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