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Thread: Wiring / buss management?

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    Wiring / buss management?

    I know about buss bar. I know about "sugar cubes" (a k a "euro terminals?")
    Buss bar is great for many connections in a particular central point. I use it for power/ground for my Mech Warfare control station:

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    Sugar cubes are okay for splicing, and sometimes I can put two wires into a single screw terminal to make a three-way joint. But it doesn't feel very robust when doing that.

    What's a good way to run power down the center of a 'bot, and then tap into that wire at various points for various needs?
    I might be OK with cutting/splicing the wire at each tap point; I'm more looking for connection and cable management methods that can help.

    Also, I'm sure this is a Solved Problem and most wiring engineers know how to do this in their sleep. Meanwhile, I just don't even know what key words to plug into Digi-Key to start looking up the solution ...

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    Re: Wiring / buss management?

    Let us know what you come up with, will you? I ended up making a custom wiring harness for the hexapod using 14ga solid-conductor house wiring and heat-shrink. It serves its purpose, but wouldn't be easily modified.

    What do you call that pre-slit cable housing you use in the Money Pit? It's nice and tidy...

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    Re: Wiring / buss management?

    What do you call that pre-slit cable housing you use in the Money Pit? It's nice and tidy...
    I call it "it was on sale at Harbor Freight the other year" :-)
    It works well when coupled with zip ties at each end (and in the middle if it's a long run.)
    The Internet seems to call it "split wire loom tubing:"

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