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Thread: Mini Darpa?

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    Mini Darpa?

    I was thinking about making, and programming, mini Darpa Grand Chalenge cars, running them on a course, and OSing the code.

    Maybe even RoboGames will have a course in 2008 if we get it going!

    I do have the probablem of money for the robots, but was thinking some body else might want to do it, if thay have the money.

    Let me know what you guys think about all of this.

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    Re: Mini Darpa?

    I think it's a great idea Scotty Money usually is the problem though with ideas. I'd suggest asking people involved with RoboGames what their thoughts are to generate some interest with it.

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
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