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Thread: DynaManager Not Finding Servos

  1. Question DynaManager Not Finding Servos

    Building the PhantomX Hexapod and am trying to use the DynaMannager as instructed to ID the servos.

    I keep getting the same message "No Servo Found"
    1) I am using the ArbotiX-M Board
    2) I have uploaded the ROS
    3) DynaManager finds the board on COM3 (correctly) after I select autosearch
    4) I have checked 5 different servos with 5 different wires
    5) I have checked the connections and pulled and reseated the connections
    6) This is a new kit
    7) I have the board powered via 12v adapter to a known good wall outlet
    8) I have only one servo connected at a time
    9) I still getClick image for larger version. 

Name:	DynaManagerCapture.PNG 
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    Please help

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    Re: DynaManager Not Finding Servos

    It sounds to me like the wrong code is running on the Arbotix-M, but beyond that, I don't know how to verify or fix that; I don't use these particular tools.

    Do you also have a USB2Ax or USB2Dynamixel? If so, does that work to find the servos?
    Can you write other code for the Arbotix-M, that talks to the servos to flash their LED, to make sure the board works?

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    Re: DynaManager Not Finding Servos

    I have typically rolled my own code to handle this stuff.

    As I mentioned in other thread, I don't run Arduino 1.0.x anymore so not sure how much I can help.

    But for this type of stuff I sometimes use my sketch AX12_Test to check out servos, plus there are commands to renumber a servo.
    The code is nothing special and just a collection of different things I have tried... I think I still have a branch up on github for the Arduino 1.0.x releases...

    The program is setup to be able to be configured for HExapod, Quad, Biped... But all this means is what servos are expected when I do a command like show all positions...

    But the 5 command will loop asking each possible servos IDS for their position. If it receives a value it shows that servo...
    It sometimes gets some false positives, but hopefully in your case with 1 servo connected it should find it. If they are brand new and never done something with them it will usually have ID #1.
    If it finds it, you can then use the 8 command to renumber it.
    like: 8 1 2
    Will renumber any #1 servo found to #2...

    But again this is my own thing and probably their app should work as well.

    Now assuming you have 12v plugged in. When you connect up a servo, does the LED on the Servo flash once?

    Good luck

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    Re: DynaManager Not Finding Servos

    Hi there.
    I just set up one of these very recently. Just a few checks in case you missed any:
    Presumably the power jumper is in the right place?
    Make sure Tx goes to RX and vice versa on your FTDI cable!

    If your servos are brand new, they should all be ID 1, so try the AXSimpleTest to see if they move.

    Also as suggested, if you have a USB2AX/Dynamixel, can you see the servos?

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