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Thread: The Robotis TurtleBot3

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    FYI - I pre-ordered the waffle rpi today

    And it shipped today as well!
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    LOL and now the waiting begins.
    Other than no heat sinks for you PI, I believe you will be happy .

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Thanks - Yes...

    Will start off with their default setup.

    May later purchase something like:

    Which for about $200 gives you an UP board (4MB/32MB) and the Realsense R200 camera... Which I think is the same camera stuff
    they were using in the Waffle (UP instead of Joule)

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Nice, The only problem that Robotis seems to have is that the web-page people don't appear to be actual TB3 programmers and are not communicating with the programmers well. The Examples, are a good example. There is no turtlebot3_example dir, it is the turtlebot3_patrol directory... ect. The examples work you can set up your Master computer now if you wish. All you need is UBUNTU 16.04 and follow there instructions. Use the fake TBS3 of your choice .
    (Note use git pull on your source TURTLEBOT3 directory and the other directories and the example directory is there now. yea!!)
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    How about that! The Remote controller for the TB3 from ROBOTIS the (RC-100B) has its code built into the tb3 OpenCR board so you can remotely control it pretty much anyplace, like a remote controlled car, but unlike the Ubuntu joystick code there is no dead mans switch.
    The Xbox controller is attached to the remote PC, so you must stay within WiFi range, but works with a fake TB3 so, very useful.
    Just saying this is fun seeing more and more working with ROS and the TB3.
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Look at step 7 there is a second RPI3 image were, they have pre-installed ROS and the ROS-packages related to the TurtleBot3. It supports the TurtleBot3 Burger and Waffle Pi model. In this distro image, non-free software like Wolfram, Mathematica, Minecraft Pi and Oracle Java SE have been removed. It feels pretty sold like the Raspberry PI Desktop modified and then a image made.
    (NOTE) I tried out this distro on my TB3 burger and it works really well, without any issues that I can see so far.
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    It looks like ROBOTIS USA has released there TBS Waffle PI, Yea!
    I love my TB3 Burger but there is little to no room to add more sensor improvements,
    like the Movidius neural Compute stick.

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Yep - I have mine mostly built... Now to setup the RPI... In the wings I also have the Intel R200 development package with an UP board (64gb 4gb), which I will probably swap in later, once I understand the current stuff...

    Yes the Waffle looks like it has a lot more space to hang things!

    Edit: trying to decide for now if to go with Ubuntu Mate on the RPI3 or with the Raspian that they already have ROS and tools already installed on it. May start of with the Raspian, but...

    Also finally tried buttons 1 and 2 on their board to move N inches foreword and turn 180 degrees, which worked, but not easy to reach them buttons!
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    I now have it assembled and starting to test some stuff out...

    It is sort of interesting in either I am missing seeing some write ups some place or maybe they should maybe write up some more instructions for the new user. Luckily I am not a complete novice and can usually figure things out.


    a) One of the the first steps (5) is to assemble the turtlebot in my case the waffle. Then they have you in step 7 setup the SBC in this case the RPI3... This step they tell you where to download the image from and what app to use to burn the SDCard. But that is about it. So once you have the micro sd card with the image on it, you need to insert it into the RPI3, which is buried between levels 2 and 3... and my not overly nimble fingers could not get it into the slot... So had to unscrew deck 3... to make it so I could reach the slot...

    b) How to make this into a headless setup? With the initial image you typically need a Mouse/Keyboard and HDMI setup... There may be ways to do it without all of the above, but a lot easier... Again hard to reach into plug into USB... Then run through the steps to boot, setup your wifi, enable ssh, expand out the image to the full size of the SDCard...

    c) Power: I don't believe there was anywhere that told you, that you could plug in the wall wart into the board to power it as you are doing non mobile stuff... Battery: they mention you should remove the battery to charge it, but don't give/show instructions on how to. I ended up looking at schematic to make sure the power plug looked like a valid place to plug in to... Also with Battery, not sure if they give you any hints or support to know when the battery charge is getting low? I have not seen any battery monitor and their charger only connects up to the balance plug and leds only show it is charging or it is charged.

    d) Bluetooth: They include their pretty primitive remote control with two bluetooth modules. They sort of mention that the slave one should plug into the OpenCR board, but don't say how/where... The image made it look like you should maybe try plugging it into maybe one connector which it would plug into, but I believe is something like a Canbus. Turns out I think you are supposed to plug it into one of the Usarts on the other end of the board. Again I guessed Serial2, which worked. Again would have been difficult to plug it in if I still had decks 2 and 3 connected.

    Again I am probably being a bit too picky... Will probably either post some of this up on Robotis and/or email them.

    Now to have some fun!

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    When the power gets to 11.0v on the battery you will hear the buzzer go off on the OpenCR board, it is a UPS system so just plug the 12v power supply with adapter into the OpenCR board and you can take the battery out with out even shutting down.
    I'm thinking during this phase of your build them bigger plates are a pain.
    The RC100 software is built into the OpenCR Board. A Large part of there code in the TB3 core software is dedicated to this little controller, I plugged mine into the UART1 port. Unlike the Xbox360controller, this one you simply turn it on and your connected. Hint the right flipper (Button 5 I believe) cancels the present operation, you will like it after you play with it a while. This is the same controller that ROBOITS has used for years just the Latest Generation.
    (NOTE. The little wires off of the LIDAR that connect to the UBS adapter are really, really delicate, so think hard before disconnecting and reconnecting this little sub miniature molex to usb device more than even once. I am thinking a dollop of hot glue here might be good.)
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