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Thread: The Robotis TurtleBot3

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    That is annoying. I had to set up the SD card for the RPI3 before it would boot on the new RPI3B+. Hum?

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Quote Originally Posted by LloydF View Post
    That is annoying. I had to set up the SD card for the RPI3 before it would boot on the new RPI3B+. Hum?
    Running Raspian or Ubuntu or ???

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    The Raspian desktop image from Robotis works with the RPI3B running it first, I'll give the Mate version a test today.
    (Note Tested it out and the Ubuntu Mate version will not boot at all on RPI3B+.)
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    When I was looking around, I saw posts like:

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Yikes hum, it looks like July before a new Ubuntu-Mate or one can go through acrobatic connotations for Ubuntu-Mate now, hum.
    Nope I'll wait on that one. Thanks for the heads up. This will most likely push ahead the 18.xx what ever, release of Ubuntu-Mate a bit I'll bet though.
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    I did a direct swap out of the intel joule and the new up board, I did have to add a edimax AC wifi dongle, it uses the rtl8812au which is easy to find drivers for, so I got Dual AC WiFi up and running. Bottom line ubuntu 160.4 and all the turtlebot3 files and everything installed just fine, woot, woot!
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Sounds great - As you know I also have the same UP board and R200 camera, which I keep meaning to get everything back in one piece again.

    I keep having too much fun playing at some of the lower levels.

    That is, before I let my waffle Pi (or now waffle up) wonder around and map the area, I did not want it to fall down stairs. So I have been playing with a set of range sensor, that I can mount to look down... So then spent some time figuring out how to mount these... I have some 3d printed brackets I will try installing soon, but need to work on the wiring. I had one of the I2C objects working, but these sensors have fixed address, so then have I2C Mux breakout from Adafruit... So can use up to 8...

    I then spent time adding code to Arduino to read the sensor and generate new ROS Topic... This is helping me understand how the RosSerial stuff works with the Arduino code base... Got that up and running. Could use the rostopic echo command to watch values...

    But then looked some more and there are sensor settings defined for CLIFF, so will remap these values into the CLIFF stuff...

    But then diverted myself on some other OpenCR stuff, and made a few Pull Requests into the code base, plus several others were done for Issues I submitted. Also docs updated... More stuff about this up on

    Robotis Forums, including the thread:

    And likewise up on RobotSource:

    Note I am spending more energy up on those forums lately.

    Also I have been monitoring the ROS Discourse as well, they just announced an open manipulator for the TB3...

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Sweet, I missed the manipulator, this should be fun.
    (dude you do way more programing than most so, rock on)!!
    I mean with spring here and all.
    I will have to head on over there and see that you have been up to.
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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    I don't remember... I should try it again in the next few days. Been playing around with other stuff. Third deck is sitting on table next to it right now...

    Too many distractions. Like now being able to program the the OpenCR board while it is connected to UP (or RPI), from my Windows PC or Ubuntu machine. More up on RobotSource.

    Hopefully this morning will play some more with adding sensors. I had it most the way there, but Robotis is planning to add several sensors in the next few weeks, so was trying to decide if I will continue with my I2C range finder sensors or work with an Analog sensor, not sure yet which one they are using.

    With the HLS, first thing I might look for is there some udev rules that it needs? Might look at your RPI and see if there was one installed?

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    Re: The Robotis TurtleBot3

    Woot! Woot! I am happy to say everything seems to be working on the Up board with a dual band A/C wifi dongle, and did not have to add on thing more to swap out the intel joule on the waffle with the new up board. Going to spend the rest of the day playing, Yes!
    (Note. Yes it was the rules that needed to be applied and a reboot, I can not wait for you're cliff detection, great idea.)
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