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Thread: Chip-E challenge

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    Chip-E challenge

    Hi all,

    I presume you've heard of the recent Chip-E challenge, looks interesting. I'm thinking of submitting an entry, although it would be entirely theoretical in CAD!
    Anyone else thinking about it?

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    Re: Chip-E challenge

    Lots of interesting designs have recently appeared, any from Trossen users?

    Here's my entry:
    No idea if this would work in practice, but one day I might give it a go!
    I noticed that strictly you need a printed version to qualify for the challenge, which is a bit of a pain since I don't have a working printer, so I'm getting it partially printed through Shapeways.

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    Re: Chip-E challenge

    Nice entry!

    So far I have not heard of anyone else up here entering it.

    My guess is they may get a few more people from here if they would post more information here on the forum about it and/or mention it up at the Store site ( or blog ( even from the robotgeek site:

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    Re: Chip-E challenge

    That's a good idea, especially since the main prize is a PhantomX!

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    Re: Chip-E challenge

    Don't you need an IMU to actually balance on the wheels?

    Also: "moving the wheels further towards the rear" doesn't help with the torque needed to actually stand on the wheels; moving the wheels closer inwards would be much more helpful. (But harder to fit in this design!)

    I think it may be that this is why they request 3D printed versions: they need to actually be verified to work ;-)

    Also, have you done the math of weight of the pump and the 3D camera? My guess is those will weigh more than a small tank payload. Water isn't very dense, it's just very good at filling volumes!

    If this all works, I bet you could do a good job at those "find and extinguish the flame" robot competitions!

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    Re: Chip-E challenge

    An IMU is something that could easily fit in the internals of the bot. Placement of the wheels was only in consideration of the CoG. My entry was more a test of "how much interesting stuff can I fit on this robot without it being completely unrealistic".
    The contest does mention a photo of a completed print is needed, but that a Chip-E is not required, so that could be interpreted in different ways.
    However, if I do ever acquire all the electronic parts for a Chip-E, then I will attempt to turn this experiment into a reality, and make it a fire-fighting robot!

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