Hey all,

I wasn't sure if this was better suited here in the Software and Programming section or for the micro-controller / Arbotix section. I've been out of the robotics world for a while, and while to get my feet wet again I reread an Arduino book I have, and the author mentioned the use of visual development software. The examples sited were VVVV and Max, and after a quick search, it looks like Visuino and Embrio might be fairly robust solutions. However, looking at their sites, it looks like they may basically be for Arduino branded boards, so I wasn't sure about being able to use them with the Arbotix boards. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience using a solution like this (visual programming, less lines of code and more diagrams / boxes with lines) with Arbotix (I'm a fan of Dynamixels) or knew if it was even possible before I start investing a lot of time learning these softwares only to find out that they really don't interface with the Arbotix. I'm not trying to avoid using code at all, its that I've actually never used a graphical programming solution and am intrigued by it. I'm not looking for a lot of hand holding if it is indeed possible, just either some quick advice or even just a "yay" / "nay" on whether or not this is something worth looking into.