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Thread: Attaching AX-12A to Actobotics Aluminum Channel?

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    Question Attaching AX-12A to Actobotics Aluminum Channel?

    I found this web page on attaching an AX-12A to an Actobotics Aluminum Channel

    Looks pretty nice.

    Curious, other options available? I've been thinking about getting a FTC Robot Construction kit for prototyping, but would need a method to attach Dynamixel servos. Obvious, the above web page is a method...

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    Re: Attaching AX-12A to Actobotics Aluminum Channel?

    For the servo horn: Drill four holes, 2.1mm size, in a circular pattern with diameter 18mm. Screw into servo horn. Attachment done!

    For the servo body itself, you need to cut a cavity for the servo face plate and drill holes (again, 2.1mm) for the mounting hole pattern. That's a little more involved. (You can also 3D print this, with some success, as long as load is not too high.)

    Here's an example of how I mount the AX12A to rectangular tubing:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you don't have access to a mill or drill press, your options become slimmer... Using the plastic Bioloid brackets, and drilling through them, might be an option.
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