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    I have built and am actively using a home security system that uses reed switches to monitor all the windows and doors, I have wired the digital output of a standard carbon dioxide monitor into the system and the system monitors the alert signal of the pre-wired smoke detectors in the house. There are electronic strike-plates connected to Phidget relays, a Phidget RFID reader to grant access to the home as well as a subset of cards allowed access to the office. I also have temperature sensors and humidity sensors in the closet I house servers in as well as a one per floor. There is also a voltage monitor hooked up to detect power outages and multiple Phidget TextLCDs in the house that display system status. Along with the TextLCDs are switches that allow me to disconnect all of the smoke detectors for 1 minute with the push of a single button (when the battery in one gets low it goes off around 2am and can be hard to figure out the right one since they all go off when interconnected). When a sensor is tripped for a bad condition it begins recording on cameras in the house and one with a driveway view.

    The system is setup to be able place a voice call to 911 with details as to the problem (though I do not have it on a phone line now) and it sends text messages to a list of cell phones (mine, my wife's, and my laptop's internal phone).

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    Sounds like a pretty incredible system Skipfire, thanks for the entry! However, in order to qualify we're going to need some pictures and/or a video showing this in action. Video would definitely be the best bet.

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    There would be nothing to see except for the TextLCDs witht he button, everything else is behind drywall.

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    I have done most of those things in vCrib and am curious which sample code you based yours off of because mine has memory leaks and grows fast enough that I have to restart it every couple of days.

    I am using the interface_controller.exe (VB6 Phidget888 source as a base.)

    As for this contest, although your wiring may be dry-walled, you can make a quick video of it in action, a shot of the modified software/settings, the 888's mounting and cabling, etc. I have to shoot one like that myself this weekend. Regarless of the contest, I would love to know more about your project. Do you have a website? What are your goals for the system (personal use, commercial, interfacing to other HA apps and hardware, lighting control, etc.) You can see my system at or


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