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Thread: Servo Wire Length

  1. Servo Wire Length

    Hello, i was wondering what the maximum length of a servo wire can be. I'm looking for at least 60ft over CAT5e.

    Thank You


  2. Re: Servo Wire Length

    It depends on your application. For RC and robotics applications (where there are usually numerous servos, motors, and other devices all operating in close proximity), try to avoid going longer than 15 inches without a signal booster. On the other hand, you can go quite a bit further in an environment without much EM interference. For example, I just stuck one servo at the end of about 8 feet of cable and it worked fine. Sixty feet is a bit of a stretch, but it may be possible with a few signal boosters.

    So if you don't mind telling us: What's your application, and what kind of environment will it be operating in?

  3. Re: Servo Wire Length

    Hi Dave

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm planning on using servos to actuate a deadbolt, and a sliding patio door lock. I'm also planning on incorporating the Phidgets RFID for both doors. I just received my servo controller today. Right now for testing purposes, i have the servo cable tied to the deadbolt knob, and the servo is duct taped to the door. I may opt to get several usb extenders and hubs. I would use one extender to get a USB connection close to the door. Then i will plug a self powered hub into the USB extender. From the hub i will connect my RFID through another USB extender, and the servo controller directly into the hub, and the servo cable would be extended to the door from the controller.

    I would really prefer to have only one USB extender for the RFID and a hub with the servo controllers next to the computer, and extend the servo cables to the door. I do have 200ft of shielded printer cable that could do the job for the servo.

    Thank you for your help


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