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Can you tell we are going through all our old video tapes lately? Here is a project we brought to PDC back in '05. This was another show that Coding4Fun invited us out to so we could show off the cool things you can do with Visual Studio Express.

Features of the arm:
- PC controlled (code written in Visual Studio)
- Mechanics are Lynxmotion parts
- Motors are Hitec hobby servos
- 15" reach
- 4 DOF (we skipped the base rotation for the show because we are lazy)
- Input: logitech joypad being read from using DirectX
- gripper will hold angle via Inverse Kinematics (plotting X,Y of wrist joint)

Anyone who is a programmer in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express can see how easy it is to start writing really cool code for these kinds of arms. The motor control is a cakewalk using the Phidgets Library. This is what we like about PC based robotics, it makes robotics intuitive for the millions of existing coders all over the world. It's a natural horizontal move from writing regular computer programs to creating robotic programs.