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Thread: USB2AX firmaware update

  1. USB2AX firmaware update

    Hi guys,

    Long time no see... I'm not dead, just far away ^^

    So I just wanted to point out that I uploaded a new version of the firmware, with fixes contributed by Pedro Ramillo for Seed Robotics and Anthony who works at the LAAS.

    The fixes address two problems with the Dynamixel 2.0 protocol:
    - One is that the buffer was sometimes not big enough and that could lead to corrupted packets when reading the whole table of a DXL2.0 servo (since they have tables that are much bigger than the DXL 1.0 ones).

    - The other is that some DXL2.0 packets generated spurious error packets from the USB2AX to the host. In the latest version of the Dynamixel Manager at least, it caused freezes and general chaos.

    I've been cleaning the website up from dead links and various outdated stuff, don't hesitate to report anything I missed please.

    Personal blog:
    USB2AX documentation:

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    Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Good to see you back!
    Do you have a Linux version of the bootloader loader? (Or is there another DFU loader that works there?)
    Windows 10 is much harder to install drivers on than Windows 7 :-(

  3. Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Hey Jwatte

    There's a part of the page (in the middle though, I just added links to it in the page index : ) about uploading from Linux. dfu-programmer works well on that platform, and is in the packages of some of the most usual flavors of the OS.
    Personal blog:
    USB2AX documentation:

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    Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Great -- sorry I missed it, and thanks for improving the indexing :-)

  5. Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Hi, I just tried to update the firmware using the update tool. However, I get "unsuspected error" after hitting "Flash USB2AX". Any idea what could be the reason? It seems to happen during validation. This is the output I get:

    Trying to open COM3...
    The thread 0x2cf8 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
    Exception thrown: 'System.IO.IOException' in System.dll
    The thread 0x1ac0 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
    The thread 0x13e0 has exited with code 0 (0x0).

    6540 bytes used (22.81%)


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    Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Maybe COM3 isn't the right COM port?

  7. Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    just double checked. It doesnt seem to be the reason

  8. Re: USB2AX firmaware update

    Seems there is a problem with my update software on Win10, please use another of the methods (linux or one of the recovery options).
    Damn DotNet framework breaks slightly every time they update it, and I don't have all the versions all the time...
    Personal blog:
    USB2AX documentation:

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