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Thread: A bar with 100 years of sound art

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    Murt Guest

    A bar with 100 years of sound art

    I write to you and recommend the Audio Bar installation by artist Mogens Jacobsen. The bar has been created as collaboration between Jacobsen, The Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Arts and interregional innovation project Sound Forum Øresund.

    During this spring we have been using your RFID-tags to create and exhibit and experience oriented installation that lets guest at the Museum of Contemporary Arts browse through 100 years of artistic recording history.

    The Museum has a collection of sound art consisting of more than 1.500 unique pieces by artists such as John Cage or Laurie Anderson. Media artist Mogens Jacobsen and his assistants have indexed all pieces according to intuitive parameters creating a matrix of axis such as cold---hot; human---non-human; rhythmic---non-rhythmic, etc creating a database/playlist. All pieces contain information about year of production as well.

    Jacobsen has then made an installation: A bar with a lot of bottles with labels referring to a position on one of the axis (for instance “medium cold” or “1980-85”). Each bottle contains an rfid-tag encoded with information corresponding to the label. When a bottle is placed on the bar desk it triggers the best match in the database/playlist. When more bottles are placed at the same time the database finds the best match putting together all the information. Example: bottle 1 (cold) + bottle 2 (medium human) + bottle 3 (1980-85) = ‘O Superman’ by Laurie Anderson.

    The installation gives children or novices and intuitive and playful introduction to sound art history. As one of the videos show this can be a very social and entertaining experience.


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    Re: A bar with 100 years of sound art

    Good stuff Murt! Thanks for the submission

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
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