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Thread: OpenCM 9.04 iwdg

  1. OpenCM 9.04 iwdg

    Hi all,
    i've tried to handle the eeprom crash problem (loot at eeprom's thread) using the stm wdt.
    The only problem I got is that if it doesn't get the feed it will reboot in recovery mode instead of restarting the code from setup.
    I 've looked at a korean forum (translated by google) and it seems to be a bug in bootloader.
    Do you know any way to solve it?

    I've read a lot in this period and found what is happening.
    It seems that Robotis OPENCM IDE uses the iwdg to make the bootloader go in recovery/program mode. So it should be a wanted behaviour. Now i'm searching for an alternative solution (other bootloader and IDE). Does someone know where to get bootloader source used in OpenCM IDE 1.02?

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