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Thread: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

  1. My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

    Several years and several k-dollars in the making, this project is modeled after the 777 flight deck. More specifically though is the Auto-Throttle assembly, which is featured here.

    Although the autothrottle unit had taken me an embarrassing amount of time to fully design, I am very happy with the results.

    The system uses 2 high-powered R/C Sail Servos, a Phidgets 4-Servo Controller card, some discrete electronics and a whole lotta solder.

    The unit is controlled through custom software that tracks throttle position in Microsoft’s FSX Flight Simulator, which in turn translates the position information to feed the servo controller.

    When the Autopilot IAS/MACH function is selected, power and position information is applied to the servos. When IAS/MACH is de-selected, the relay circuit removes power so the levers can be operated manually.

    A Youtube video of the unit in action is here:

    Ray S.
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    Re: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

    Pretty cool Ray! Thanks for the submission

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    Re: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles


    My compliments on your 777 thottle, looks very cool!
    I myself am currently working on a 737 throttle stand and want to incorporate autothrottles too.
    Doyou have any tutorials/wiring diagrams, so i can connect my servo's to the throttlehandles and spoilers.
    I am not very skilled in electronics so if you have a tutorial/diagram for dummy's (that is me!) You would help me a great deal.

    best regards,


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    Re: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

    Wow, very cool.
    The throttles are awesome by themselves, but as a package … WOW.
    What did you use for the instrument displays?

  5. Re: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

    The instruments are from

    (I am actually co-owner, along with Don Lafontaine, of former "FreeFD" fame)

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    Re: My 777 Flight Simulator Autothrottles

    raysot:, Pretty impressive project, Well done.
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