This platform was designed way back in the dark days before we were even called "Trossen Robotics." We made about ten prototypes before we deemed the sheer bulk of custom-machined aluminum too costly for us to produce economically. Sadly, the design had to be shelved because of this. All in all, it's a very nice base, and well worth the cash. When you buy one of these, you're not only getting a rugged wheelbot base, you're also getting a piece of TR history!

Here's what you get:
(1) Trossen1 chassis (3/16" aluminum deck & drive system)
(2) 12V DC motors
(2) US Digital optical encoders
(4) Noise suppression capacitors
(2) Extra decks (1/8" aluminum)
(16) 2" 8-32 hex standoffs
(16) 1" 8-32 hex standoffs
(8) 8-32 wing nuts
(8) lock washers
(8) 3/8" 8-32 button top hex bolts