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    Home network....

    And now for something completely random...

    Over the last week or so, I have been switching out most of my home network hardware. My network provider is using a Microwave disk, where I receive 8mbs... I was using a netgear prosafe (FVS318G) in my basement where I have the dish feeding. This box was hanging at least once a week, sometimes several times a day. I then have I believe all Cat5E cables running through the house. In my Office I had an Netgear Wireless router that I was using as an Access point... I had some dead spots in the house...

    So I decided to get a new Mesh routing system (Linksys Velop) with 3 units. For the most part things went fine. But I was finding that my newer desktop computer in my office does not want to connect, when I plug it, either directly into my office network port directly or through a new gigabit switch in my Office, which connects to another gigabit switch that connects to the main velop... When I try connecting it, my computer says there is no ethernet cable connected... However if I then put a 10/100 switch between the other switch and my computer it works.... The second switch shows as an orange LED in the mega switch saying it is going at lower speed...

    Computer is HP running (new as of march) running Windows 10 and the controller is a Realtek PCIe GBE controller.

    Note: my new replacement up board arrived and yesterday I set it up and it is plugged into the same mega switch (D-LINK) in my office and it appears to work (shows green as running 1000mbs)...

    Suggestings? My guess is that the system does not like my Cat5e wiring. I should also mention that I have the 2nd velop in my office and it did not appear to like to talk the primary one using my wiring from my office either.

    I did use my network tester unit and it showed that all 8 wires were hooked up and in the right order. Obviously I have two work arounds... Continue to use the slower switch or continue to use Wifi. But talks fine to the others through one of its radios.

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    Re: Home network....

    There may be something wrong with the wiring, or the connector on that particular wire. Do you have a cable tester? Or, can you get a 100 foot Ethernet cable and run around the place, and compare to the in-wall wire performance?

    Btw: For someone looking for "enterprise" class networking gear (with all the fancy networking options, managed switch interfaces, and so forth,) I've found Mikrotik gear to be reasonably reliable and very configurable. If you're not a networking engineer, though, you'd probaly not be friends with them :-)

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    Re: Home network....

    Thanks jwatte,

    I have been using a simple tester:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And as I mentioned, the tester shows all 8 wires have connectivity and are in the right order... But. Maybe the TP-link switch may have problems. However I never had these issues (at least not that I know of) with the older netgear Main Route Prosafe that would keep getting slower and slower and then hang) and the Wireless router in my office which both showed they were gigabit.

    However the switch can talk to my other devices in the house... including the Ethernet->DSL---- over to barn --- DSL->ethernet bridge (using Cat5e cable). May at some point also update this one to the RG6 version, as I now have 4 of these unused running between buildings... (Used to run DirecTv from Dish on other building, but updated recently and they put in 2nd dish at main building....) But that is another topic.

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    Re: Home network....

    TV just takes time away from building robots, anyway.

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