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Thread: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

  1. No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

    Hi i'm new to this forum.

    I followed some tutorials in internet to get my dynamixel working.

    I have used buffer and i got -1 respond from dynamixel . to ensure if my buffer is working fine or not i have also
    tested the circuit without buffer by combining the TX and RX to data pin of arduino and then connect it to data pin of dynamixel .

    these are tutorials that i followed. ( i apologize if linking other websites is against forums laws ).
    the circuit and buffer which i've used are exactly as the one in tutorial . by the way i only used buffer+ arduino + dynamixel no more module or stuff .

    also tested this github page which is written for mx series. it worked for transmitting data but not for receiving data .
    i appreciate your help .

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    Re: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino


    Might help to have additional information, like what are you using to drive the servos?

    Example what type of Arduino? How exactly do you have it wired up? Pictures help! Also how do you have the servos powered?

    do you have some example code that you were trying to run? What version of Arduino IDE are you using?

    Note: I have not used any of the libraries or tutorials mentioned in your posting. I have used the Bioloid code that Trossen has used with their kits that is geared around their Arbotix-m board.

    I have also made my own version of the bioloid library which I have made to work independent of the Arbotix code.

    With it you can pass in a Stream* to the AX init function. This should be to one of the hardware Serial ports.

    There are several program around that use this, including my test program that is up at:

    Again not much else I can suggest without additional information.

  3. Re: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

    I have tested the code both on mega2560 and uno . I used example code with the library named ( arduino ide ---> libraries -----> dynamixel serial ----> 3 sample code available)
    you can download it here :

    and about circuit diagram :
    in above circuit the Vin pin of arduino is used but i used a separate 12v adaptor.

    to clarify more : i can move servos but i do not get the proper feedback i mean how much the voltage ,temp or torque is .

    i get the message on serial that voltage is -1 ..... (this is kinda error code )

    i gonna change baud rate and check the id if i do put it right in code ... somehow to diagnose the problem ./
    and also take a look on the library you mentioned .
    i'm reading forums threads about dynamixels . this forums is really cool .
    thanks .
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    Re: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

    If you can write to the servos, than Baud rate is fine.

    Don't have time to debug their library.

    But quick look at functions like:
    int DynamixelClass::readVoltage(unsigned char ID)
    I really don't like code like this that tries to do timing like the delayus(...) to try to get this right. You can fiddle with the delay time to try to make it work. It is much better to instead make sure the data that you output has finished being output before changing the direction pin...

    Assuming you have a reasonably modern version of Arduino IDE > 1.5.x, then you can do this by using Serial.flush();
    Again assuming Serail object... and not Serial1, or Serial2... on Mega. as SendData is defined like:
    #define sendData(args) (Serial.write(args)) // Write Over Serial

    So for an experiment try changing a function like this and replace the delayUS with the Serial.flush() and see if you get any better luck

  5. Re: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

    thanks for replay KurtEck
    i guess this case is not kind of problem solving. since im fine by sending data .
    by any chance have you used dynamixel with arm microcontrollers like stm32 ?

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    Re: No respond from Dynamixel ax-12 using arduino

    I use mostly Teensy boards: where the T3.6/T3.5 are Arm M4f, the T3.2 is Arm M3 and the T-LC is Arm M0

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