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Thread: Computer controlled Motor?

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    Smile Computer controlled Motor?

    Hello everyone,

    I never made a robot or such thing. So I have no idea about everything, I mean mostly.
    And I'm trying to build a rotating cylinder with some small screens in side. In fact, it is a zoetrope with screens inside.

    Anyway, I had a hard time to find a thing to connect all the wires to the rotational structure from the base. and I found thing called slip ring by the moog or the mercotac company. So one issue is down.

    Another thing is a motor. I don't know what kind I should get. I think it's going to be about 14 inches (diameter) and 8~7 inches(height) probably wood. So it's not that heavy and drive it less than 1000 rpm?

    The major issue is that I want it to control the rpm of motor by computer(usb or serial connection).

    1. What kind of motor do I want?
    2. How can I connect the motor to computer in order to control the rpm?

    It would be great if anyone can recommend specific parts for this.
    Thanks a lot and have a great weekend~

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    Re: Computer controlled Motor?


    To control a motor from a computer you want to use a Servo controller to output a PWM signal to a DC motor controller. See the graphic and description on this page. There are a whole line of motors from banebots that have many different RPMs. You should be able to find a motor to match your needs there.

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