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Thread: Raspberry Pi 3 + Dynamixel XL-320 + PiCam

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    Raspberry Pi 3 + Dynamixel XL-320 + PiCam

    I'm thinking about buying some Dynamixel XL-320 servos to a robotarm. Together with the servos I must buy the USB2Dynamixel adapter and the SMPS2Dynamixel adapter. But the main problem I'm having is how to communicate with the servos trough the USB adapter. Do anyone know this? Some explanation and some simple code with this setup just to make the servos run would be very much appreciated!

    Another question; On the robotarm I'm hoping I can mount a PiCamera. With this I hope I can find objects (with OpenCV) and send the coordinates to the servos. How can I do this? Also here is some explanation and some simple code much appreciated!

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    Re: Raspberry Pi 3 + Dynamixel XL-320 + PiCam

    Robotis has some sample code on how to use the USB2Dynamixel. Pretty straight forward to read. As far as example of IK code, which is what you will need to do your second question it is best to read up since depending on the degrees of freedom on your arm it will change greatly.

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    Re: Raspberry Pi 3 + Dynamixel XL-320 + PiCam

    You can download the Robotis (R+ Manager 2.0) for windows. Then use a ax/mx powered hub from trossen and you will need some x3P convertible maybe X3P cables. Then you can Id and test your servo's. I am using the U2D2 but it should be the same setup.

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