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Thread: Kondo KHR-1HV USB Dongle

  1. Kondo KHR-1HV USB Dongle

    I'm using a Mac, and Kondo doesn't have drivers for the SerialUSB Adapter. Their adapter uses an FTDI FT232BL chip, which allows vendors to provide their own Vendor ID and product ID. Kondo has placed such an EPROM on their adapter. As a result, FTDI's drivers won't work.

    My solution? Remove the EPROM. It works great. Tested on OS X, Linux, and Windows (I only have the KHR-1HV working in Windows right now). The EPROM is the 6 pin chip, U1, that's right next to the USB connector on the board (it's on the same side as the FTDI chip).

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    Ubuntu has a driver for the FTDI chip, but the brltty causes problems. Removing brltty allows the adapter to show up as /dev/ttyUSB0.

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    Thanks for the info bdavids1! Within the next month or two tops I hope to get up and running in this community an area where we can all post these nice tips and also have a place where we can upload projects, files, etc.

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    It turns out there's an easier way of accomplishing the same task, by reprogramming the EEPROM. On Linux, there's a command, ftdi_eeprom, that can be used to reprogram the EEPROM. Create a config file with:

    vendor_id=0x165c      # Vendor ID (Replace with the one you found)
    product_id=0x0002     # Product ID (Replace with the one you found)
    then run:
    sudo ftdi_eeprom --erase-eeprom eeprom_ftdi.conf

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