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Thread: H bridge Design

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    H bridge Design

    Being the cheap person i am and needing 10 motor drivers does anybody have a h-bridge design they want to share? I have a lynxmotion ssc driveri want to use.

    12vdc 3a max.


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    Re: H bridge Design

    Sorry, I'm not all that savvy in EE stuff, but I looked around and found a couple of sites that might at least give you a good starting point on some areas:

    The RobotRoom has a ton of good content on there. It's just not that easy to find it all.

    Hope some of that info helps

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    Re: H bridge Design

    lm298 is a very easy circuit and dual 3 amp circuits,looking for a cheap h bridge circuit with all parts solarbotics has one in kits for $19.00 part #, kit#13

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    Re: H bridge Design

    12VDC, 3A max, but what is the typical current? The TI SN754410 is about $1.50 a chip, and controls two motors (so 5 chips for your 10 motors). BUT.... it is rated 1amp continuous, 2amp peak (3-36VDC). If I remember correctly, that is without a heatsink. It may be possible with a heat sink to pull 3A, but I'm not sure.... testing would be required. If the SN754410 won't do 3amps without blowing, the L298 is probably the next lowest cost single-chip motor driver (it is 3A rated, but runs about $3 per motor channel).

    As far as using the SSC32 with these motor drivers - that is likely going to increase the cost. You are going to need a circuit to change servo pulses to motor voltage. I know there are few out there on the web, but as far as I remember, each circuit needs about 2-3 different TTL chips, by the time you get done building a 10 channel version you can figure to have 20 TTL chips, and about the same number of resistors and caps. A nightmare to debug....

    What exactly are you building that requires 10 channels?


    Edit: Wow, just noticed that the original thread was from Nov 07. Guessing this info won't be useful to the original poster (unless his projects progress as slow as mine...)

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