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  1. Sandman Robot!

    The Sandman is an 800lb walking robot with 16 separate remote controlled movements. He has a Gasoline and propane flamethrower in front and a gasoline machine gun mounted in the rear. When his mouth is extended his total length is around 11'

    He has Harley Davidson exhaust pipes mounted on his sides capable of shooting 15 ' flames. The front flame thrower capable of shooting flames 20'. He is operated using two Futaba Helicopter radios.

    Attachment 96

    Attachment 97

    He is used for various entertainment events.

    Unfortunately, this does not show him walking,.

    Sandman uses a small victor speed controller for driving the two wheelchair motors for forward and backward movement. All the control system were handmade using old magnetic tape drive computer parts, servos, relays,micro switches and motors. The mouth is extended and retracted using a boat hand winch. I modified the winch by adding an electric motor and several tilt switches. He carries a SCUBA and propane tank inside for running his pneumatics and flamethrowers. Two diesel electric batteries are mounted under his pivoting front end for 24 volt electrical power. Gasoline can be injected into the flamethrowers with a flip of a switch.


    Walking Forward Backward Left Right
    Mouth Extend,Retract, Open ,Close,Left,Right
    Mandibles Open,Close
    Ribs Up, Down
    Wings In,Out
    Heads Left, Right


    More information and videos on him listed on.
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    Re: Sandman Robot!

    Didn't realize that I haven't replied yet, my bad

    Pretty cool amazing robot Lance, great work! I have you entered in our contest.
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  3. Re: Sandman Robot!

    All I can say is this: we don't get nearly enough 800 lb fire-spewing robots in these forums. Bravo!

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