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  1. I-Sobot Review

    We recently picked up a new I-Sobot, and it is certainly a lot of fun. You can read our review and get all the details here:

    We plan to subject our little I-Sobot to all the same tests that we have run on the Robonova in our Human Emulation project.
    Which robot more closely mimics human motions; the $1,000 robot, or the $300 robot?
    Stay tuned to find out.

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    I think that you will find that the I-sobot is programmed to operate better, but the Robonova could be programed to do all the same sequences only with a greater degree of flexiblity.


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    Re: I-Sobot Review

    They both have the same degrees of freedom, except that the i-SOBOT has an additional head servo. The i-SOBOT probably isn't going to move as fast as the Robonova, but as far as flexibility goes I think that they'll be pretty close.

    We'll have to see

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    We bought the Japanese version of the I-Sobot that comes with white body coloring and blue trim, as opposed to the black body coloring and grey trim of the English speaking version. Check out our comparison of the two versions here .

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