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Thread: Phidget 1 servo controller & 12 v?

  1. Phidget 1 servo controller & 12 v?

    I have a 12 v servo that I would like drive with a phidgets 1 servo controller. Is it possible to do so by hacking a usb cable's power wires and routing 12v through the board? It's looks as though the power goes through the chip.


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    Re: Phidget 1 servo controller & 12 v?

    You don't want to get into hacking the USB cable. Besides, you'll fry the Phidget servo controller.

    All you need is a Y splitter:

    One end gets connected to a battery, one to the controller, and one to your servo. Just be sure to clip the power wire going to the controller itself.

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  3. Re: Phidget 1 servo controller & 12 v?

    Ah, I see now it needs a common ground. I was bypassing the controller all together with power and ground. It works now. Thank you.

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