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Thread: Pico-ITX based Johnny 5

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    Right now, I forgot which application, but one of them complained about a serial # / activation due to hardware change. Might be the way I cloned it.. thought about getting something newer for it and possibly re-purpose that Pico-ITX board for asterisk and irc.

    Still trying to understand the correlation between which battery/switch sets up what, and possibly work out a different battery system, perhaps even using a Pico-PSU all those voltages, and construct a single battery that custom fits in the base with the SSD on top.

    It's got XP, as it was originally built with, still.

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    Re: Pico-ITX based Johnny 5

    i so need to get mime finished, havnt been doing a lot for a few yrs lots of projects on, but this post reminded me to go take another loook at mine which is a clone of Andrewes, "Andrew was so kind at the time to send me all the parts well most of the brains anyhow" Its not forgotton Andrew :-) just been on hold, problem is now like you say more powerful mini pc's are around. Good to see your original is still kicking around JOHNY FIVE IS ALIVE. :-)
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